Matanya Loewenthal


Recent Graduate from the University of Maryland, College Park.

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Matanya Loewenthal

Matanya Loewenthal is a Computer Science Enthusiast and early-career Software Development Engineer.

I am a recent graduate from the University of Maryland, College Park, with a B.S. in Computer Science. I opted for a wide range of topics over a specialization, and achieved top marks in Software Engineering and Data Structures.

I am interested in all aspects of software and product development, and am looking for a position as a Software Engineer to gain hands-on experience in building scalable software before transitioning to Project Management and Product Design.

My experience with Operating Systems and tool development gives me a foundation in building highly available and intuitive software in modern languages such as Python and Rust, and my background in functional programming and data structures allows me to express complex solutions in concise, robust, and production-ready code that is maintainable and scalable.

My background in leading groups of counselors providing wilderness therapy also allows me to understand group dynamics and how to manage teams in challenging situations with tight deadlines, and have done so for a semester-long Software Engineering course.

I have experience with fast-changing development requirements, and have built applications that account for several different teams’ objectives and needs, such as in a data pipeline for 7 different academic teams working within a premier Network Dynamics laboratory over the course of a semester.



GitHub Repo stars

Installed package capturing and reinstalling made simple

rinstall is a Rust CLI application for reinstalling programs after upgrading or changing a Linux/Unix based Operating System. By building a human readable Yaml file of all installed applications, rebuilding complicated development environments is simplified.

Languages & Tools: Rust


GitHub Repo stars

Modular data pipeline for statistical and AI/ML processing

Pypline (developed under the Breathing-Analytics-Pipeline project at the University of Maryland MIND Lab) is a data pipelining application for orchestrating mutiple data processing and analyzing modules in a predetermined order.

Languages & Tools: Python, Bash, Docker and Conda

Campus Key Eventer

GitHub Repo stars

See what’s big on campus, and where

Campus Key Eventer is an extension to the Campus Key app developed by Nelnet Campus Commerce. Using an integrated web app to display, organize, and register for campus events, Eventer allows you to visualize and pinpoint campus hot spots.

Languages & Tools: Python, Figma, and Flask


GitHub Repo stars

Games on the cloud

PyArcade is a flask web arcade with a variety of games, such as Blackjack, Crazy Eights, Mastermind, and Mindsweeper. PyArcade was developed as a semester long project for Introduction to Software Engineering (CMSC435).

Languages & Tools: Python, Docker, AWS, Flask, and Git